Forever Plaid JAN 12 - MARCH 11 When four young singers are killed in a car crash, they posthumously take the stage for one final gig in this goofy, 1950’s nostalgia trip Buy Tickets More Details
the cast of Forever Plaid
Riverdance JAN 19-21 The 20th Anniversary World Tour Buy Tickets More Details
the cast of Riverdance
The Phantom of the Opera FEB 14-25 Cameron Mackintosh’s spectacular new production Buy Tickets More Details
the cast of The Phantom of the Opera  in masquerade
Amadeus JAN 20 This acclaimed series brings filmed versions of great performances from Britain’s National Theatre to the high-definition movie screen in Ferguson Hall. Buy Tickets More Details
A scene from Amadeus,  Lucian Msamati as Antonio Salieri with members of Southbank Sinfonia. Image by Marc Brenner
Gobsmacked! JAN 24 "THE WORLD’S BEST A CAPELLA AND BEATBOXING SHOW" Buy Tickets More Details
beat boxer on stage
The Magic of Adam Trent JAN 29 An immersive entertainment extravaganza of magic, comedy and music Buy Tickets More Details
Adam Trent standing on top of a grand piano surrounded by glittering lights
Black Violin FEB 1 Classical Boom Tour Buy Tickets More Details
Black Violin band members posing with their violins

From Caught in the Act – the Straz Center’s blog

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth

Bloody Hell, Mate

British Actors and Why We Love Them. Is it the accent? Perhaps some Stockholm Syndrome-like attachment to the crown? Aristocracy nostalgia? Probably the accent.


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a photo of the Earth as seen from the International Space Station

Would You Look at that View?

Astronaut Terry Virts enjoyed this view with Enya’s soundtrack playing aboard the International Space Station. Inside the Cupola, a seven-windowed compartment he designed and installed, akin to a ball turret on a fighter plane, Virts took more than 300,000 photographs.

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a photo of Margaret Goodson with a past cast of Forever Plaid

School-Girl Crush

The Straz Center’s 96-year-old volunteer extraordinaire, Margaret Goodson, dishes on her love of Forever Plaid.

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