Field Trips

The foundation of the Straz Center’s educational programming is the Field Trip series. Each year students from public, private and home schools come to the Straz Center during the school day to enjoy high quality, age-appropriate productions.

The Straz Center recognizes the challenges that FCAT poses to teachers in the State of Florida, and understands teachers’ reluctance to take students away from the classroom environment to attend performances during the school day. Study Guides are available for all teachers upon request. Click here to plan your Field Trip.

Day at the Straz

Students, educators and community groups can receive a guided tour through both the public and backstage spaces of one of America's largest performing arts centers. During the tour, you and your group will learn about performances and programs at the facility, discuss many theatrical points of interest, and hear colorful anecdotes about some of the many entertainers that have performed on our five stages. After the tour, you and your group will participate in a theater-based workshop geared toward their grade/age level. Through this workshop, you and your group will gain exposure to the performing arts, and strengthen the arts education experience. Day at the Straz activities are recommended to be held in conjunction with field trip performances, but they can take place on their own.

To book a Day at the Straz, contact the Straz Center’s Student Affairs & Community Relations Coordinator at 813.222.6425. 

To book a field trip please contact the Straz Center's Group Sales Department at 813.222.1047 or 813.222.1016.

Upcoming Field Trips

Biscuit - Field Trip Grades K-2

Jan 30, 2017
This musical features a frolicking little puppy named Biscuit who loves exploring, making new friends and even stirring up some mischief. Along the way...

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Field Trip Grades 7-12

Jan 31, 2017
Born on the south side of Chicago, the international underground bad boyz of jazz, also known as “yo’ favorite band,” land in Tampa on...

Let’s Go Science Show - Field Trip Grades 4-8

Feb 14, 2017
The wacky and talented Professor Smart and Dr. Knowitall join forces for an educational, entertaining, exciting and experiential extravaganza. Professor...

Let Freedom Sing - Field Trip Grades 2-6

Feb 15, 2017
Uncle Sam says “I want you” to celebrate American history with Stages Productions’ musical revue, Let Freedom Sing! This high-energy...

Franzini Family Science Circus - Field Trip Grades K-5

Feb 23, 2017
Circus props and more are transformed into objects of scientific concern and fascination to stimulate thought, interest and a better understanding of science...

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