Photo of guitarist playingThe Mission

The Patel Conservatory provides the finest performing arts training in an inspirational setting.

The Vision

The Patel Conservatory gives students the tools to: dream, reach, discover and create the performing arts; integrate them into everyday life; and contribute to the community.

At the Patel Conservatory:

♦   We will provide a place where creativity is celebrated, honored and revered.
♦   We will respect traditional performing arts as well as new forms.
♦   We will encourage students to experience all artistic disciplines in developing their own unique style.
♦   We will listen to our students and help them to realize the practical steps necessary to make their visions a reality.
♦   We will instill in our students a sense of pride that accompanies disciplined work habits and self-determination.
♦   We will offer arts opportunities for all ages and interests.
♦   We will provide a safe space for exploration and development.
♦   We will reinforce the guiding principle that artistic growth never ends and that unrealized ideas are natural components of artistic growth.
♦   We will develop a common artistic vocabulary so that we can communicate across disciplines.
♦   We will reinforce the principle that art is process, not product.
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