Photo of young boy and teacher with violinIn an effort to provide access to high-quality, unique arts education experiences, the Patel Conservatory provides in excess of $250,000 in scholarships each year to students and families whose access might otherwise be limited.

Scholarships are awarded by the Scholarship Committee and typically cover a percentage of tuition. Registration and recital fees are not included.

To apply for a scholarship, visit the Admissions Office, fax the application to 813.222.6459 or mail to:
Patel Conservatory Admissions Office
1010 N. WC MacInnes Place
Tampa, FL 33602
Forms must be completed with all required attachments by the deadline for consideration.

Please note that scholarships are generally not awarded for private lessons, Suzuki, On-Camera Acting, adult classes, fall/spring productions, or recital fees.

Financial Aid application deadlines for 2016-2017:

Spring Semester - December 3, 2016

Scholarships are funded in part by the Bailey Family Foundation Scholarship Fund, Broadway Ball Stars, Mrs. Ellie Fishman and The Fishman Family Foundation, Patricia H. Linton Scholarship Fund, Herbert G. McKay Emerging Artists Fund, Ed and Linda Oelschlaeger Scholarship Fund, Franci Goldman Rudolph Scholarship Fund, James & Amy Shimberg Scholarship Fund, Gasparilla Music Festival, GTE Financial and Frank & K.K. Cooper.
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