Carol Morsani Hall

The triumphant centerpiece of the performing arts complex is the 2,610 seat Carol Morsani Hall with the Ruth Silbiger Lobby. The hall's proscenium is 60 feet high with playing depth of 55 feet and a total stage width of 120 feet.

When combined with an 11-story high backstage area, the enormous Carol Morsani Hall onstage and backstage areas easily accommodate major productions of Broadway musicals, operas, ballets and orchestral concerts.

A 42-ton concert wall can be lowered for the orchestra and choral performances.

The traditional horseshoe-shaped opera house has continental seating on four levels: orchestra, mezzanine, balcony and gallery.

Excellent sight lines combine with impeccable acoustics to create a magnificent venue that rivals the great classical theaters of the world!

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