The Three Little Pigs -- Field Trip Grades K-5

The Three Little Pigs -- Field Trip Grades K-5

Based on the story by Joseph Jacobs
Book, music and lyrics by Paul Deiss

In this very funny and not-so-traditional musical version of The Three Little Pigs, the Wolf isn’t Bad but he is Big. And, boy is he clumsy! The Wolf just wants to be friends with Rose, Frank and Ham, better known as the Three Little Pigs, but every time they get together, somebody gets hurt. And, it’s not Wolf’s fault! Wolf doesn’t mean to scare the pigs or wreck their houses but he doesn’t know his own strength. When Wolf tells Mama Pig his troubles, she teaches Wolf how to be gentle and careful. Houses of straw, sticks, and bricks are rebuilt along with friendships. Lessons of a job well done, thoughtfulness, and acceptance of differences are learned and taken to heart for a happy ever after ending.

Nov. 13 Ferguson Hall
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Show Dates & Times

10:30 a.m.

What to Expect

For grades K-5