Inventing Van Gogh

Inventing Van Gogh

By Steven Dietz
A haunting and hallucinatory drama about the making of art, Inventing Van Gogh is the story of the final van Gogh self-portrait, painted just before the artist's death, which has never been seen … until now. Patrick Stone, a contemporary painter, is hired to forge this final masterpiece — and finds himself squaring off, across the years, with van Gogh himself. The result is a compelling mystery about the obsession to create and the fine line that separates truth from myth. For the official website, visit

July 9 - Aug. 3, 2014 Shimberg Playhouse
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Show Dates & Times

July 9 - Aug. 3, 2014
Thurs. 8 p.m. Fri. 8 p.m. Sat. 8 p.m. Sun. 4 p.m.


"a beautifully written time-skipping love letter ... outstanding performances ... haunting ...Jobsite has an incredible play on its hands; their last production of the season also happens to be one of their best. So do yourself a favor and don't miss out" - Broadway World (P. Nason)

"Fisher effectively serves as an anchor through Dietz's theatrical, temporal fantasy ... [Averill-Snell is] a riot in suspenders ... [Foote] is a walking, talking portrait of the artist ... [Thompson gives] a stunning debut on the Jobsite stage ... {the set, lights and sound] transport you beyond the stage, into several of Van Gogh's famous works ... Though slightly labyrinthine, the intermingling stories ultimately create an intriguing evening of theater." - Broadway World (D. Fantal)

"a thoughtful work of art ... it is big and ambitious ... quite beautiful ... like a bit of an art history lesson for the casual consumer, and maybe a tasty helping of nerd kibble for big-time fans (or haters) of Van Gogh." - Tampa Bay Times

"Anguished martyr or celebrator of the earth’s splendor — somehow Van Gogh was both ... Now Jobsite Theater is helping us reconsider this paradox with its fine production ... The show’s actors, directed beautifully by Karla Hartley, are outstanding ... the play and the production have much to offer — not least, an informed, compassionate look at one of history’s greatest, and most tormented geniuses." - Creative Loafing

"Inventing Van Gogh rings with a heart-wrenching emotionality ... Armed with fiery cast performances and smart set structure, [it] will leave audiences questioning what they know about the notorious painter -- and much more. That's perhaps the most beautiful part about the production's take on the play." - The Sunlit Tome´╗┐

Run-time: TBA