Noah Gundersen

Noah Gundersen

At the tender age of 24, singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen is already a young veteran who recorded his first album on his dad’s Tascam Studio 8 reel-to-reel home tape machine at 13. Born in the tiny town of Centralia, Wash, Gundersen has honed his craft through a series of albums, both solo (with his sister Abby, an expert string player) and with their band, The Courage. He’s already placed songs on television shows like Sons of Anarchy, The Vampire Diaries and One Tree Hill.

His latest release, Ledges, is an impressive personal work that co-mingles the sensual and the sexual with the spiritual, often using religious and biblical imagery to plumb the depths of everyday emotions and feelings. The album, self-produced and recorded at Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard’s Studio Litho in Seattle, explores doubt and faith, sin and redemption, mortality and transcendence in 11 songs that get underneath the skin and cut to the heart.

April 12 TECO Theater
  • Tickets are $15.


Show Dates & Times

Saturday, April 12, 7:30 p.m.