Diavolo: Architecture In Motion

Diavolo: Architecture In Motion

Dancers, gymnasts, rock climbers, athletes, acrobats — the core company of Los Angeles-based Diavolo combines their abilities on massive and moveable set pieces to explore the tension between a structure and the human beings interacting with it.

For twenty years, Diavolo has invented movement dynamite between its dancers and giant sets of skate ramps, wheels, interlocking boxes and abstract sculptures. With explosive and unexpected flips, leaps, turns, partnering and tests of trust, the company pushes the limits of the ever-present question of when to hold on and when to let go.

Diavolo mixes ballet, hip hop, and contemporary styles with the danger of extreme sports. “The result is dazzling” (Newsday).

Nov. 2 Carol Morsani Hall
  • Tickets are $30-$50.


Show Dates & Times

Sun. at 8 p.m.