Business savvy with heart

To win your customers’ minds, you must first win their hearts. The Straz Center offers unique sponsorship opportunities beginning at $2,500 designed to help you engage and connect with our diverse arts audiences while helping to meet your business’ objectives. 

For more information on how your business would benefit from supporting the Straz Center, please contact  the Development Department at 813.222.1032.  


Become an Institutional Sponsor

These opportunities are not your usual cookie-cutter sponsorships – these are partnerships forged together to create a relationship of passion, relevancy and loyalty between your business and our patrons.  [more]

Sponsor Performance(s)

Reach a targeted audience that makes sense for your company brand. By sponsoring our performance series or individual shows, we’ll help you connect with the Straz Center patrons that are most relevant to your business.  [more]

Sponsor Fundraising Event(s)

Work, play and give back all at the same time. Become a sponsor of the Straz Center’s annual special events and you’ll never enjoy giving back to our community the same again. You and your guests will enjoy a memorable celebration with a cause through your sponsorship of our special events.  [more]