The Million Little Stories That Make Up Who We Are

Every dollar given to The Straz touches another life

At The Straz, we’re more than just a show.

We are Patel Conservatory music teachers driving to Ruskin to work with migrant children as part of an outreach program. We are dance teachers who refuse to miss a single class at Metropolitan Ministries because we know how important it is to show up for kids who already know too much about broken promises. We are professional teaching artists who forge the next generation of American musical theater performers, jazz musicians and classical ballerinas.

We are the gathering place for friends to see a Broadway musical together or catch the latest funk band from Brooklyn. We are the memory of an unforgettable wedding ceremony on Morsani stage or by the Hillsborough River. We are girls’ night out. We are the anniversary treat, the birthday present, the Sunday afternoon adventure for families from every neighborhood around Tampa Bay.

We are the place where hope renews, again and again, with every curtain rising, every lift of a maestro’s baton. In every quiet, dark moment when the lights go down, we are the safe space for dreaming and doing.

Day after day, we are a million little stories like these, of people whose lives change because of something they experience through The Straz. 

This spring, we will share some of these stories so you can see what annual gifts to The Straz do for other people. Ticket sales don’t cover these priceless experiences. We’re able to offer them because someone like you sees the bigger story about what The Straz does for our community. 

We invite you to belong at The Straz by becoming an annual donor. Every dollar given directly improves someone’s life, whether you give $10 a month or $10,000 a year. You will make a difference.

Do you have a story about how The Straz changed you? We’d love to hear it. Email us at
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